Our Products

AAC Ghee

We export highly quality AAC ghee made from pure butter and fresh milk of cattle like cow and buffalo. It has a golden yellow colour with a rich aroma. The ghee we supply is AGMARK and Halal certified.It is ideal for cooking purpose.

AAC Sesame Oil

AAC sesame oil we export is extracted from matured sesame seeds.It is available in the filtered form. The sesame oil we offer is double-filtered with the help of a filter press.It is known for its therapeutic properties and is one of the finest oils avail

AAC Coconut Oil

It is edible oil and is often used in cooking. Apart from this, coconut oil is also used as hair and massage oil.The oil is derived by crushing sun-dried copra. While doing this, we ensure the rich aroma, flavour and taste of the coconut is retained.

Chekku Gingelly oil

The chekkusesame oil is extensively used for cooking in southern parts of India. It has got many health benefits, which include cancer-fighting benefits. The chekkusesame oil is more beneficial as it is extracted in the traditional method.